1. About us

    Hebei Zhengfeng is an import and export trading company that professionally deals with garment manufacturing and selling. We have rich experience in garment designing, manufacturing and selling, and are in partnership with various international garment traders. We offer a full range of well-made and better-priced products, including garments for men and women, casual wear, accessories, children’s wear as well as sex toys. Putting a premium on lower prices and better quality and service, we have always view credibility as our top priority, and therefore have received positive feedbacks from our extensive base of international clients. Our products, for the most part, are sold to the United States, Canada, Western Europe and the Middle East. Please feel free to contact us if your are interested in buying our products and services or in entering cooperation with us.

  2. Our Philosophy

    Credibility and clients always come first. Offer garments of fine quality yet at the most reasonable prices.

  3. Why us?

    As mentioned before, we boast rich experience in garment designing and manufacturing as well as in export and import trading; we put credibility and quality first, and offer better-made and better-priced products and services.

  4. Our Slogan

    Brave Difficulty and Scale New Heights



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